[linux-dvb] pctv452e driver first try

Dominik Kuhlen dkuhlen at gmx.net
Sat Sep 23 20:34:56 CEST 2006

On Saturday 23 September 2006 20:12, Roland Mieslinger wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Here is the first version of my pctv452e driver,
> > which does not more than setting FE Power and DiSEqC :-(
> > Still under construction....
> >
> > The attached patch is an update to
> > mp-stb0899 tree snapshot version 2dcc2689f994
> Thanks for that.
> > Question about the dvb-usb framework:
> > where may I put a one-time initialization which has to be done before any
> > other stuff? I didnt find some kind of init() function in
> > dvb_usb_properties
> I used the "load firmware" interface for that (don't know if it is intended
> for stuff like that).
Hmm, could work. 
But I think the init sequence is best placed in power_ctrl() when power on is
If power down works it will probably do a hardware reset. in that case it
 would make sense to do the init in power_ctrl(ON) call.

> You can find the "firmware" attached. It's basically what I have snooped
> when windows is initializing the device. So the name is maybe
> misleading.
> The file format is very simple. You can think as blocks of bulk messages
> with block length in bytes as the first byte of each block.
I looked at this file and it looks like the "normal" usb communication:
 0xaa <len> <cmd> <data>
 cmd=0x31 for I2C access; cmd=0x15 for reset

AFAIK this is a budget device which does not require any (binary) firmware.
All the init and configuration is (or should be) done by the chip-drivers and
 this device driver itself.

But we can extract the default register configuration for the stb0899 from this file.
Or compare them with the values Manu (or the data sheets) suggests.

Thanks for your support,

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