[linux-dvb] pctv452e driver first try

Roland Mieslinger rmie at gmx.de
Sun Sep 24 08:57:43 CEST 2006

> > > Question about the dvb-usb framework:
> > > where may I put a one-time initialization which has to be done before any
> > > other stuff? I didnt find some kind of init() function in
> > > dvb_usb_properties
> >
> > I used the "load firmware" interface for that (don't know if it is intended
> > for stuff like that).
> Hmm, could work. 
> But I think the init sequence is best placed in power_ctrl() when power on is
> requested. 
> If power down works it will probably do a hardware reset. in that case it
>  would make sense to do the init in power_ctrl(ON) call.

yes that should be the better place. It removes the need for the "firmware" file and therefor 
a lot of pain for the users (files are hard to get sometimes, location is distro depending)


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