[linux-dvb] ASUSTEK P7131 Dual TV dvb mode?

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Mon Sep 25 13:10:55 CEST 2006


Am Montag, den 25.09.2006, 10:00 +0300 schrieb v+dvb at iki.fi:
> I've got the ASUSTeK P7131 Dual (1043:4876 revision). The analog part sort
> of works, but trying to use the DVB side just gives
> tda1004x: timeout waiting for DSP ready                                         
> tda1004x: found firmware revision 0 -- invalid                                  
> So far i've been using 2.6.18-rc7 from kernel.org. I also tried to download
> the firmware from http://www.thadathil.net/dvb/fw/, and with the
> Documentation/dvb/get_dvb_firmware script (tried both tda10046 and
> tda10046lifeview). The result is always the same.
> I found this message message
> http://archives.devshed.com/forums/linux-97/dvb-t-on-asustek-p7131-dual-device-4876t-1966310.html

that mirror is not complete, but as you can read there with a recent
mercurial get_dvb_firmware you can try to get latest revision 29 from

But first of all you must change the mentioned line of code to force
loading from file instead from eeprom, like my older revision of the
card does.
> I'm still somewhat uncertain about a few things:                                
>  - Is tda10046lifeview firmware (loaded with get_dvb_firmware) what I should    
>    use?
See above.
>  - Is there any clear way to know the driver tries to load the                  
>    firmware from /lib/firmware (the error seems the same in case the            
>    firmware file is absent)?
See above, but yes, difficult to know what exactly happens, since useful
stuff like "udevmonitor" doesn't help either. 
>  - Should I do "modprobe saa7134 card=78" or try some other card= value? 

For now with the above modification card=78 seems fine, but for example
still no report for radio function. Either the card should have its own
entry ASAP or we would at least need some sort of detection and switch
case in saa7134-dvb for the firmware loading.
>  - Are there relevant fixes in the linux-dvb mercurial tree (I tried to         
>    browse around, but found nothing glaringly relevant)?

2.6.18-rc7 should be sufficient. There are two patches floating out of
tree currently.

The remote patch is untested on 1043:4876 and needs some more cleaning.
In longer terms likely reorganization to share it with the other drivers
(most comes from bttv-input.c RC5) to avoid duplicate code. Depending on
kernel/driver version probably needs to be applied manually.
Currently rc5_key_timeout=50 is recommended or change it in the code.
>  - Does DVB with 1043:4876 work for anybody (yet)?                         

Definitely yes. Check the video4linux-list at redhat.com.


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