[linux-dvb] Re: %5Blinux-dvb%5D%20Twinhan%20Cab%2FCI%202031%3A%20frontend%20entry%20sometimes%20missing

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 20:10:52 CEST 2006

Zoilo Gomez wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> The problems with 2031 were unfortunately never fixed. IIRC we were left
> with the following problems:
> 1) tuner device sometimes missing in /dev/dvb/adapterX/ on boot (app.
> 20% of the boots, tested on 2 different machines)
> 2) needed to tune twice in case of freq change; the first time would
> almost never give a lock (but sometimes it did strangely enough)
> 3) unstable signal, where signal would be lost after some time (hours);
> this problem I never investigated thoroughly, because of 1) and 2) which
> needed a solution first.
> So at some point I had to decide to drop 2031, then chose KNC-ONE /
> DVB-C + separate CI-module, which is running very stable.
> Pity, because I would really prefer to have CI integrated into the DVB-C
> card.
> My hopes are that Twinhan 1034, which Manu is currently working on, will
> eventually give better results.

The 1034 is a DVB-S card.

> Please let me know if you can make progress (but please CC to the
> linux-dvb list as well).


at line #1648, does adding a msleep(20) or something around that order
help ? for your problem (2) mentioned
for (1) try using dst_addons=0x20 as module parameter.

You will need this patch as well (for fixing the dvb-attach). Apply this
patch first

Alongwith one of the previous patches, commenting out one line for
DCT-CI cards


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