[linux-dvb] Hauppauge WinTV NOVA T USB2 not working any more

Mario Rossi mariofutire at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 26 20:36:44 CEST 2006

I've tried the patch you sent to the mailing list but there is no difference.
Reading the code it seems to me that the problem is into the value of
If I revert changes to dib3000mc_setup_pwm_state (and I do not apply
the patch) the card works again.

It looks to me (just reading the code, no idea of what the values
mean) that the value stored in agc->setup is now used twice.

1) in dib3000mc_init (register 37)
2) in dib3000mc_setup_pwm_state (reg_52)

in the new version of the code the same value is shared for those 2
purposes, while in the old code the 2 functions used different values.
If I am not wrong, with the latest patch dib3000mc_setup_pwm_state
gets the same values af before wihle dib3000mc_init does not.

I don't know whether it makes sense but in my case it matters.

Any idea?


>Mario, can you please try the attached patch and see, if this fixes your
>problem ?

>Thanks Jose for finding it. I knew I would forget this thing when changing
>the set_pwm-function...


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