[linux-dvb] HDTV tuning.

Soyeb Aswat soyeb at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 27 01:34:11 CEST 2006

> Since then, I moved, before I was in Victoria and I used a T cable
> aerial (the one that is often sold for FM radios), while now I live in
> Aldgate East and I use the aerial of the building.

With a decent aerial you should easily be able to get the signal from
Aldgate East.  I live in North East Hackney which is even further and my
signal is fine.  That said, I'm on top of a hill and I have a roof
mounted aerial all to myself.

> Maybe I was closer to the transmitter before and now there is not
> enough power to get the signal.

The signal is strong enough, you just need a capable aerial.  Have you
tried a set-top/indoor aerial?  Just get a cheap one for a couple of
quid and give it a try.  It'll give you an idea if the buildings aerial
is dud.

> I've tried kaffeine 0.8.2 but scanning both for AUTO and
> uk-CrystalPalace only finds 8 TVs and 1 Radio, while scan (from
> dvb-apps) finds many channels (and BBC HD1).
> How do you tell kaffeine to scan for HDTV?

DVB->Configure DVB->DVB Device set to auto, then go back to the scan
page and Kaffeine should scan all frequencies without an initial tuning

As for watching DVB, don't expect to watch it live, I don't think a
computer is commonly available that is powerful enough to decode the
signals in real-time.  I record them, reencode to XviD, and then play
that.  It's long-winded, takes time (about 12hours per hour of
recording), but it can be worth it :)

BBC's natural history program Planet Earth looks particularly good, and
they're due to start broadcasting Galapagos on Friday which looks to be
even better.



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