R: [linux-dvb] Requesting help to configure remote forSAA7134_BOARD_FLYDVB_TRIO

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Wed Sep 27 03:06:01 CEST 2006


Am Dienstag, den 26.09.2006, 23:42 +0200 schrieb Eddi:
> I can't get remote working yet using rc5 patch too!
> I've found an interesting topic about my card on
> "http://archives.devshed.com/forums/linux-97/saa7134-reserving-a-card-number
> -1694848.html" and should be already passed on one of this mailing list.
> Chip on my card:
> be5v1h 4410 4+4 pin ????
> 4231 fm/tv switch
> 8275a + tda10046 (DVBT)
> a8262 + tda10086 (DVBS)
> isl6421 - Single Output LNB Supply and Control Voltage Regulator with I2C
> mdt10p55b - ROM size 1.0kx14  RAM size 72 bytes I/O pin 11 INT RC (4MHZ)
> Pin count 14 (should be equivalent to PIC 16C505)
> Someone tell about theat the uC may be for ir purpose.
> So perhaps RC5 doesn't work.
> Any other idea?
> Eddi

Ah yes, Peter mentioned a pic and mdt types are quite common,
do a search on bttv-gallery.de. Just having a short look at my backlash,
since I'm away from PCs next days, but sorry for might have sending you
in a wrong direction.

After removing the tuner shielding later on the asus p7131 dual I
discovered only the same 4231 switch and nothing else new and forgot the
mentioned PIC.

There are examples in saa7134-input where the IR controller must be
enabled by a gpio switch.

Peter had the card only for a very short time, but he called then for
testers with m$ using maybe regspy of DScaler to find something, IIRC.

It might be more complicated and not unlikely he went already through
pulling gpios, but can't say. 


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