R: R: [linux-dvb] Requesting help to configure remoteforSAA7134_BOARD_FLYDVB_TRIO

Eddi eddi at dpeddi.com
Wed Sep 27 22:05:14 CEST 2006


> Peter had the card only for a very short time, but he called then for
> testers with m$ using maybe regspy of DScaler to find something, IIRC.

> It might be more complicated and not unlikely he went already through
> pulling gpios, but can't say.

I moved the card to my windows pc, I installed the windows driver and

I see that as happened on linux, the only byte that change on remote key
press/release is 0x00040000, so this confirmed me the gpio mask, but I don't
get any other gpio change related to remote.

Perhaps the gpio change is used as "irq" to request driver to poll the pic.

So I haad to suppose that the pic may be connected to i2c line like pinnacle
or purpletv card.


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