[linux-dvb] DVB listings

Soyeb Aswat soyeb at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 28 01:06:27 CEST 2006

Hello Jesper,

> I am wondering if it would be possible to get my hands on the listings I
> am told is broadcasted in the DVB stream. MythTV offers to pick them up.

You are talking about the EPG (electronic program guide) which is
usually broadcast in a DVB stream.  Visibility of this data is dependant
on your application.  I presume MythTV can decode them.  Certainly
Kaffeine can decode them.  I'm not aware of a standalone decoder.

> I am wondering if it would be possible to replace the tv_grab_xx scripts
> with this service.

I guess you could change your application to use the EPG instead of
xmltv, but xmltv generally gives more information for programmes and
will get more days worth of programming (two weeks compared to EPG's
typical one week).  In fact, the author of Kaffeine has expressed his
desire to integrate xmltv into Kaffeine as a more flexible alternative.



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