[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCI HYBRID pro (300i/310i) radio trouble

Emilio Castellano ecastellano at microgenesis.es
Fri Sep 29 13:01:49 CEST 2006

Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
> Hi
> Emilio Castellano wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying a Pinnacle PCI Hybrid pro as far i can see it has the same
>> chipset of the Pinnacle 110i, but.....
>> I've tried the original saa7134 kernel 2.6.17 modules, load ok but the
>> tuner doesn't seem to work, I tried different options with that driver,
>> Without options this is the dmesg output,
>> and forcing to card 77,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <
>> saa7130/34: v4l2 driver version 0.2.14 loaded
>> ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:00:07.0[A] -> GSI 18 (level, low) -> IRQ 193
>> saa7133[0]: found at 0000:00:07.0, rev: 208, irq: 193, latency: 32, 
>> mmio: 0xfa000000
>> I downloaded current hg drivers, compile and the load fails . the 
>> resulting dmesg output is...
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol ir_codes_pinnacle_color
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol ir_codes_proteus_2309
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol get_key_pinnacle_color
>> saa7134: disagrees about version of symbol video_unregister_device
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol video_unregister_device
>> saa7134: disagrees about version of symbol video_device_alloc
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol video_device_alloc
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol get_key_pinnacle_grey
>> saa7134: disagrees about version of symbol video_register_device
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol video_register_device
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol ir_codes_pinnacle_grey
>> saa7134: disagrees about version of symbol video_device_release
>> saa7134: Unknown symbol video_device_release
> Is your board a 310i?
> I will add support for this soon.
> Your first attempt didn't work because the board type could not be
> detected. But the 2nd with the card type 77 should work.
> The load of the new modules most probably didn't work because you
> didn't unload all modules before you tries to load the new ones.
> The easiest way to get this right is to reboot the machine.
The board is a Pinnacle PCI hybrid pro (i see it referenced in some
forums as 310i) but the chipset is identical to his small brother
pinnacle 100i, (HYbrid PRO has a second chip to use TDT TDA10046A but
also the Saa7131E included with 110i)

I solved the unknown symbol errors using the make reload script included
in your v4l-dvb distribution.

The real trouble is I cannot make work the FM radio tuner nor Pinnacle 
110i nor Pinnacle PCI Hybrid PRO, I only get noise.

Right now I'm trying some of the patches in the forums modifying
saa7134-card.c but also doesn't seem to work (yet :-D )


PD: Excuse the mail to your account, I push the wrong button :-o


Emilio Castellano Leiva

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