[linux-dvb] CinergyT2 locking problem when tuning to ARD bouquet

Matthias Thomae bluez at thomae-privat.de
Fri Sep 29 18:47:57 CEST 2006

richard at 2006.atterer.net wrote:
> Hello,
> quoting Matthias Thomae from his June 20th posting 
> <http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2006-June/010998.html>:
>> In short, viewing DVB-T channels from the ARD bouquet (the lowest 
>> transmission band, I think) works very well with my CinergyT2 (SNR 
>> ~70-75% according to femon), but when switching back and forth between 
>> this bouquet and others, sooner or later locking is 'lost'. Other 
>> channels still work. Locking can be regained by re-plugging the USB cable 
>> (and restarting VDR).
> I also own a Terratec Cinergy T2, and experienced exactly the same problem. 
> A quite interesting detail is that I had trouble switching back to ARD with 
> vlc, but *not* with kaffeine. Kaffeine worked just fine from the beginning.
> I never tried vdr.

My problem occurs with vdr *and* kaffeine, and, what's more, the same 
problem occurs on Windows with both Terratec TV applications.

> Usually, the symptom with vlc was that I had to switch to one of ARD's 
> channels (Das Erste, arte, Phoenix, EinsPlus) as the *first* station after 
> plugging in the T2, otherwise switching to it from another frequency would 
> fail.

This is different from my problem, where initially tuning works 
perfectly, but after a varying amount of tuning it starts to fail for 
certain channel transitions.

In detail, switching to a channel in the ARD group (frequency 184000) 
works from these channel groups:
778000 (z.B. Bayer. FS), 786000 (Eurosport), 834000 (RTL)
but fails from these channel groups:
578000 (ZDF), 626000 (Pro7)

> After a great deal of experimenting, I found an astonishingly simple fix: 
> *Get a better antenna!* As soon as I connected a better antenna, switching 
> back and forth between channels worked fine in vlc. My antenna looks like 
> this (more or less): <http://www.yucel.de/max/DVB-Zim.Ant.jpg>

I also had this hypothesis, or rather the one of a too weak signal, 
although I get signal strenghts of 70-75% as mentioned above. Yet, I 
already have a good antenna (a log-periodic Wittenberg WB345), and I 
even got an amplifier which improved reception a little but still I have 
this problem.

What's more, I also got a different DVB-T Stick (Pixelview PlayTV 505) 
which doesn't have these tuning problems.

> I noticed that (like me) you seem to live in Munich. I suspect that the 
> ARD bouquet's signal might be weaker than the others; maybe it isn't 
> broadcast from the Olympiaturm, or it is broadcast with less power.

I live in the vicinity of Nuernberg, and here ARD is quite strong 
(70-75%) compared to RTL for example (55-60%).

> Still, it is weird that kaffeine works fine. Judging from this, the T2's 
> behaviour could probably be improved.

Probably, or maybe I have a broken one after all.

> Cheers,
>   Richard


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