[linux-dvb] Re:info about Mad-Flute

Thomas Pinz dc2rpt at gmx.de
Wed Apr 4 21:37:44 CEST 2007

Hi Govanni, 

i don't use it so often and everytime i'm searching again in the doku... 

Maybe this will work, i think i used it for the transmissions of the Bay. 
Rundfunk here in bavaria.

flute -A -m: -p:4000 -t:1 -s:

-A for automatic repection. 
-m: is the multicast Addr. (seen with tcpdump)
-p: is the udp-port
-t: is an id, sometimes 0, sometimes 1. But Flute tells you, if the ID is 
wrong, than try another one
-s: source, the IP of the origin

Furthermore i do:

- Set with ifconfig the dvbnet-if to a IP-address in the same subnet as the 
- Set a route to the used multicast-address
- Run tcpdump parallel on the dvbnet-if to get it into the pro. modus, this is 
also needed for video-watching with vlc. 

And the PID of the videostreams are most times different to the one with the 
ESG and the .sdp-files. 

HTH & kind regards, 


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