[linux-dvb] Mad-Flute & dvbnet

Giovanni giluong at libero.it
Fri Apr 6 11:19:33 CEST 2007

Hi to all,
I'm trying to receive the ESG using this procedure:

1 - Tune and create dvb network interface with dvbnet on the ESG pid
2 - Bring up dvb0_0 in promisc mode (otherwise won't work)
3 - Start a multicast routing daemon to route packet to eth0
4 - Receive ALC/FLUTE packets to reassemble ESG using bootstrap
5 - Extract SDP file from ESG

I managed to route the packets of the required pid to the eth0 interface, using tcpdump on the virtual interface i can view the multicast address and port of the routed packets.
Then when I try to receive ALC/FLUTE packets with mad-flute nothing is received.
I launch mad-flut with following options:

./flute -A -m: -p:3937 -t:?

I don't know the TSI of the ESG bootstrap session, so what can I do, I've tryied some values unsuccesfully
Can someone tell me some tips about how to resolve my problem?

Thank you.


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