[linux-dvb] how to full satellite (all transponders) scan?

Morgan Tørvolt morgan.torvolt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 22:54:01 CEST 2007

> Nice idea. But i think 1Mhz is a bit heavy. Have seen an approach on a
> commercial STB, where you could give the starting frequency and the
> distance (f.i. 8khz) to do a scan. Shouldn't a similar approach also
> work with scan ?

I've had success locking on a 27500 mux with being as much as 15MHz
off. Going at 5 or 8MHz per step should be more than enough. There was
some talk about an API change for this aloooong time ago, since some
demods support scanning in some ways, but I think it never ended up in
anything useful (according to this mailing list at least). You need to
scan using different symbol rates though, which makes it a pain. There
are so many of them. One should have a list of regularly used SRs some
place, but I have found none.


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