[Bulk] [linux-dvb] ati hdtv wonder in gentoo amd64

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Tue Apr 10 05:50:14 CEST 2007

Brett Taylor wrote:

> I was able to get video (no sound in mplayer or xine) when I was using
> the 2.6.20 gentoo sources, but I was getting errors which some one in
> #linuxtv said was related to the mpeg driver being messed up in the
> gentoo-sources kernel.  So at his suggestion, I changed to the
> <> vanilla-sources.  
>From the IRC logs:
[21:59] <mkrufky> hmmm, this is strange..... i'm looking through
genpatches, and I do not see any patch that would have caused the
problem that |splat| is experiencing

> I have gotten this card to work before, but not in amd64, so I know it
> is possible.....Now I cannot tune to any QAM channels

To confirm -->  when you were using 32bit, were you able to successfully
receive digital cable sources?  (The reason I ask is -- although QAM
should be supported, and there have been rumours that have trickled down
to the list that people are successfully using the HDTV Wonder with QAM
sources, there still has never been an actual user report here on this
mailing list confirming this fact --- (getting user feedback would
definitely be nice, but unfortunately isn't too common).  So please!
Help us put this issue to rest!! 

> Now I cannot tune to any QAM channels, but I get no errors in dmesg. 
> Also, I cannot tune ATSC channels but I do get errors in dmesg:
> cx88[0]/2-mpeg: cx8802_timeout.

Out of curiosity, what happens if you switch RF inputs?  There was a
patch submitted about two weeks or so ago that may have affect the RF
inputs on your card ... Though, I don't think that it would have been
picked up and made it into the gentoo sources just yet , but I could be
wrong, so it is worthwhile looking into this.  Mike Krufky would
probably have an idea about it.


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