[Bulk] Re: [Bulk] [linux-dvb] ati hdtv wonder in gentoo amd64

Brett Taylor sweet.brett at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 03:58:57 CEST 2007

yes, I was able to pull in video from a few QAM channels using cable  
plugged in to the "DTV" port.  The tuner has "DTV" and "Cable".  DTV  
is the digital tuner, obviously, and is normally where they (ATI)  
want you to plug in the antenna.  I was able to view DTV using the  
antenna before when I ran gentoo i686.  I cannot remember what kernel  
I was using.

i forgot tha tI still had gentoo 32bit still installed on one of my  
partitions, so I logged back in to test out my card.  I was running  
2.6.19-gentoo and I was able to tune QAM channels using dvbscan, but  
I could not test them with mplayer because it kept saying that it  
could not open my dvb device.  azap -r [chan name] worked fine, but i  
have no idea which of the 351 channels actually produced video, or  
sound.  I don't use that gentoo install because something borked the  
hal+usb system so my mouse is supremely lagged and I can't figure out  
why, so I was on CLI the entire time.  But again, the us-Cable-HRC- 
center-frequencies list produced usable data.

rebooted back in to amd64 w/ vanilla, and I still can't tune  
any channels, qam with cable or atsc with rf antenna.  but, mplayer  
can open the dvb device, but of course errors out when there is no  

I just tried rebuilding v4l-dvb-hg, and it errored out with the same  
message as before.  I'm goign to try and revert to the gentoo sources  
again to see what happens.


On Apr 10, 2007, at 1:50 AM, CityK wrote:

> Brett Taylor wrote:
>> I have gotten this card to work before, but not in amd64, so I  
>> know it
>> is possible.
>> I did not try receiving QAM signals in 32bit.  I just read about that
>> today actually which spurred me to try and get my card working again,
>> since I had neglected it since I changed to 64bit.  I will make a
>> minimal 32bit install on one of my partitions and give it a try
>> though.  But, when I was using  2.6.20-gentoo-r3, I was able to grab
>> 300+ channels using dvbscan and the
>> us-Cable-HRC-center-frequencies-QAM256, which also let me view a few
>> channels using Kaffeine (xine) ... And like I said, in search of
>> fixing the sound and the mpeg error, I changed to vanilla-sources
>> <> (which I am on now).
> Ahh.  It wasn't clear to me -- I had thought, by what you wrote  
> earlier
> (first quote), that you were implying that you were previously using a
> 32bit install.  In any regard, I wouldn't bother with the 32 bit  
> install
> (there should be no difference).  My main point was whether you had  
> support working under Linux with the HDTV Wonder -- which you have
> clearly confirmed.
>> I was able to grab 300+ channels using dvbscan and the
>> us-Cable-HRC-center-frequencies-QAM256, which also let me view a few
>> channels using Kaffeine (xine), which also let me view a few channels
>> using Kaffeine (xine), but I could not get sound.
> I get that as well with some cable channels in Kaffeine too.  I found
> that if you add (ac3) after the audio pid in the channels.dvb file it
> takes care of the problem.  Example:
> TV|[CBC]|192(2)|193(ac3),|0|1738|0|Atsc|843000|0|v|0|-1|256| 
> 0|-1|-1|-1|0|472|||
> Strangely, Xine itself works fine for me.  You'd think that the same
> would hold true for Kaffeine, but....
> Anyway, earlier you wrote:
>> I was able to get video (no sound in mplayer or xine)
> I've never encountered an audio problem with Mplayer, but over time  
> have
> seen a number of users report "no sound" posts on different forums &
> m/l.  One suggestion is to pass the audio pid on the command line  
> (using
> my example above I'd append -aid 193).  Try doing similar with Xine.
>> scanning ATSC was done with the rf antenna that came supplied with  
>> the
>> card.  I live in an apartment building located downtown in a large
>> city, so I don't get great reception.  with 2.6.20-gentoo-r3 I was
>> able to tune one channel with the rf antenna, but now with
>> <> vanilla, I can't tune to any channels.
> Did you try swithing RF inputs?
> With what input did you use previously with OTA signals?
> With what input did you use previously with digital cable signals?

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