[linux-dvb] DVICO Dual Digital 2 - Chris Pascoe's Test branch

Luke Rosenthal linux-dvb at harderstuff.net
Wed Apr 11 23:56:26 CEST 2007


> Please keep in mind that Chris Pascoe's "new" test branch was "new" many
> months ago.  His repository is dated as two months ago, because at that
> point he updated the repository with the changesets from the master
> branch.
> We were looking for feedback as to whether or not his rounding fixes for
> the dvb-pll module did the trick for tuning in Australia -- Thank you for
> this feedback.

I was following this problem some time ago too, but could not get my Dual
Digital to tune SBS no matter what offsets I used.  At the time I put it
down to poor reception but out of curiosity last week I did a hg clone on
the master branch, compiled, make rmmod, make insmod.  To my surprise SBS
now tunes but at the expense of another station.  As well, another channel
I previously needed an offset to tune actually tunes now.  Peculiar, but
given that you are talking about fixes for rounding, it makes sense.

I can't pull Chris's tree right at the minute as everything is in pieces
(waiting for a new antenna, cable & wall socket to be installed,
ironically) but when it's put back together, in a few hours, I'll
recompile & report back some more info.

Is there anything in particular I should be looking for when testing?  If
I'm going to try channel frequency offsets, should I add or subtract? 
Would multiples of offsets help?  Is there some tool which can automate
some of this task?

Thanks for your feedback & suggestions (& patience with us australians).


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