Fwd: [linux-dvb] Mantis driver: making cu1216.ko work for me

Marko Ristola marko.ristola at kolumbus.fi
Thu Apr 12 13:50:26 CEST 2007

Hi Thomas,

It seems that the picture is okay, and your sound doesn't work and it is 

I'd suggest to try to make sound work under Windows first, if it is 
Windows XP.

My thought is that if the card does not work under Windows, can it work 
under Linux?
At least we can conclude that the hardware works, if the device works 
fully under Windows.

If Twinhan has not not tested and designed the device to work for you, 
there might be some
incompatibility problem also on hardware. Usually devices don't just work.
They work if and only if they are designed and tested to work.

I don't have a CAM module. I checked from the digital cable TV, that
here in Finland, sometimes the sound is encrypted and sometimes it is 
not encrypted while
the picture is encrypted. It might also be that the picture is sometimes 
not encrypted. EPG is not encrypted.

Marko Ristola

thomas martinelli wrote:
> this patch works as fine for my (digitalrise) twinhan vp-2033 dvb-c
> pci card (bought march 2007, with skin colored plate on the board where
> the cam is put in).
> unfortunately i only get a pic but no sound (also on windows side
> there is no sound ! maybe Marko has an idea why). i assume its cause
> of my nasty provider who does not give away cams and intentionally
> sends wrong channel infos by th SI.
> attached the patched cu1216.c file for beginners who not can apply a
> patch correctly *shame*
> (put it to v4l-dvb/linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends/)
> btw: thanks alot to all in the irc channel especially manu

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