[linux-dvb] any suggested DVB-S USB hardware?

Stephen Rowles stephen at rowles.org.uk
Thu Apr 12 14:34:21 CEST 2007

Simon Santoro wrote:
> (Please search the Wiki first next time)
Thats a nice idea, but the wiki doesn't really tell people what a 
"working" device actually is. For example I have a Hauppauge DiB7000 
based usb stick, reading from the wiki you might get the impression that 
its all fine, but there are a number of issues, as is evident from the 
mailing list. It is now mostly fine on the latest kernel, but its a lot 
of pain to find that out!

Following your link there is only 3 devices, 2 of which are listed as 
"work in progress", and one with status "unknown"

This doesn't really help the end user who is just trying to find a piece 
of hardware that will actually work.

Posting to the mailing list gives an opportunity for someone to come 
back with a real "I use this device everyday for my main PVR box and I'm 
perfectly happy with it" type response, of course typically people don't 
do that, but the opportunity is there :) .

Maybe there is a need for another part of the wiki that has a much 
smaller list of devices, listed by "real" things people can buy rather 
than chips, that contains devices known to work solidly without major 
issues, and some information about what kernel they were supported from?

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