[linux-dvb] any suggested DVB-S USB hardware?

Antonio Gallo agx at linux.it
Thu Apr 12 14:48:50 CEST 2007

Stephen Rowles ha scritto:
> Posting to the mailing list gives an opportunity for someone to come 
> back with a real "I use this device everyday for my main PVR box and I'm 
> perfectly happy with it" type response, of course typically people don't 
> do that, but the opportunity is there :) .
> Maybe there is a need for another part of the wiki that has a much 
> smaller list of devices, listed by "real" things people can buy rather 
> than chips, that contains devices known to work solidly without major 
> issues, and some information about what kernel they were supported from?

This is the info i need! I've not that money to make tests on hardware :-(

I need the list, print it, go to the store and check if they have it.

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