[linux-dvb] DVICO Dual Digital 2 - Chris Pascoe's Test branch

Luke Rosenthal linux-dvb at harderstuff.net
Fri Apr 13 06:29:30 CEST 2007

> For SBS @ 536625000 Hz, before 536500000 Hz after 536666667 Hz

Station is tuning properly on published frequency, so not going to muck
around with it

> For Nine @ 191625000 Hz, before 191500000 Hz after 191666667 Hz

Ok, have some interesting info to report on this one:

191625000 gets lock, intermittently, and is unwatchable, signal around 37f7
191791667 won't lock, this is an old offset Chris suggested I think
191666667 locks, both frontends, gets good signal, will verify pic quality
tonight.  signal 67ac.  snr c2c2.

> For Ten @ 219500000 Hz, before 219500000 Hz after same frequency

Ok, still can't tune this frequency but I know the card is capable of
doing it, as it worked prior to compiling last week from HG.  Need some
other offsets to try.

> For the two channels that now work better, the tuner used to be tuning to
> a frequency 125 kHz too low, after my patch it's tuning to a frequency 41
> 1/6th kHz too high.
> The one channel that doesn't work should be tuning the same frequency as
> it did before the patch.  I wonder if that frequency or something else is
> wrong?  I don't suppose the information on http://www.dba.org.au/ is any
> different that what you've been trying?

Double checked it, yep, correct frequencies.  Have been using the same
freq for this station all along.  Got any other ideas/offsets to try? 
Would it be possible to patch the driver to somehow log debug info to
syslog or something?


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