[linux-dvb] Re: scan file for de-Kabel_BW

Maik Zumstrull Maik.Zumstrull at gmx.de
Fri Apr 13 15:08:00 CEST 2007

Dirk Ritter wrote:

> Hello Christoph, hello Maik!
> First off - thank you very much for your
> time and efforts. This is much appreciated.
> Am 2007.04.12 22:11 schrieb(en) Christoph Pfister:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Your tuning files have differences, so there are
> > e.g. qam64 or qam256 used for the frequency 394 mhz
> > (and because nobody cared about the scan files it
> > wasn't noticed).
> I'm afraid "official" sources are either
> dated, or plain wrong,

Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Not with Kabel BW.

> or simply not applicable to my particular situation,

Also possible.

> Using QAM64 instead of my earlier QAM256
> option results in tuning errors for me if
> I use the following values provided by
> Maik:
> C 394000000 6900000 NONE QAM64
> C 402000000 6900000 NONE QAM64
> C 410000000 6900000 NONE QAM64
> C 426000000 6900000 NONE QAM64
> C 434000000 6900000 NONE QAM64
> C 442000000 6900000 NONE QAM64
> C 450000000 6900000 NONE QAM64

Can confirm that.
394 MHz through 450 MHz tune just fine for me, but my system (either
the card or my version of scan) automatically switches to QAM256 even
if QAM64 is specified in the scanfile. They do transmit in
QAM256. There seem to be no channels on 442 MHz, but I do get a lock.

> In additzion, Maik's list has a hole at
> channel S35 - which gives me valid stream
> sources when used:
> # S35
> C 418000000 6900000 NONE QAM256

According to the network specs, that channel should not be used for
DVB-C. But I can confirm that it is. So much for official

> Also, the following frequencies (additional
> respective to what I did provide) all seem
> to be invalid. At least trying to use any of
> those gives me tuning failure with scan:
> C 546000000 6900000 NONE QAM256
> C 554000000 6900000 NONE QAM256
> C 562000000 6900000 NONE QAM256
> C 570000000 6900000 NONE QAM256
> C 610000000 6900000 NONE QAM64

I can confirm that; according to the specs, they are reserved for
future use as DVB-C channels with those modulations. Tuning fails.

> My card operates fine below and above that range,
> so I think it may be best to omit those until
> somebody positively confirms actual signals and
> dvb data streams within this range for Kabel BW.

Maybe include them, but comment them out with a note that they're not
actually in use (yet)?

In the second block in which we disagree about modulation (682 MHz
through 746 MHz), I can also confirm that they actually use QAM64 even
though the specs say QAM256. I didn't know that my card doesn't care
what the scanfile says and just autodetects the modulation, so I never
noticed those entries are flawed -- as long as the frequency matches,
my card just works, which is not good if you want to debug lists. :-)

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