[linux-dvb] Afatech af9005 unstable reception

P. van Gaans w3ird_n3rd at gmx.net
Sat Apr 14 08:58:32 CEST 2007

My last question for a cheap USB DVB-T stick took a whole other turn. 
Earlier I bought an Allnet all2006 USB DVB-T stick, just praying it 
would run on Linux. It didn't. At least it didn't back then.

On Windows I figured out it's an Afatech AF9005 clone. On Google I 
figured out there is a driver and firmware here, recently written: 

Happy was I! I installed everything and yes, the device is detected. But 
it hardly ever locks correctly on a frequency. I see the "lock" thingie 
in Kaffeine light up, as well as a blue led on the stick. But few times 
do I read some channel information. Once I was able to read the radio 
transponder, but the radio stutters. That doesn't really say much, radio 
stutters with another DVB-T device on Windows as well at that frequency, 
and I have no idea if my reception or buggy software is the problem here.

The main problem is I can't read all channels. I'm missing almost all 
the channels. The -/+167 trick didn't help.


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