[linux-dvb] Afatech af9005 unstable reception [added: mt2060 gain control?]

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Apr 16 08:57:17 CEST 2007

En/na P. van Gaans ha escrit:

> What, top-posting? Wikipedia is helpful.. I didn't know, I prefer 
> top-posting, saves scrollingtime. In fact I was wondering why you were 
> bottom-posting. I'm used to forums, not to mailinglists. On forums you 
> decide yourself if you want to see everything top or bottomposted.. 
> Seriously I didn't know it was a crime!

See sig. This is a mailing list, not a forum

> So I understand I have to change the 0 into a 1 and change state->strong 
> to temp? Not remove the # for if? If that's all correct I guess it 
> didn't really help.

If you're following the mailing list, see Thomas Pinz's reply to my message.

> Maybe you just get what you pay for then.. On other 
> receivers I get signals from 60 kilometers away, on the afatach vitually 
> nothing (closest transmitter is 27 kilometer). Are you supposed to tape 
> the antenna to the transmitter?

I live ~6km to the transmitting tower, and I cannot get at least one mux 
(the rest are mostly fine though). But, in my case, it's the same under 

> But wait.. *looks at laptop*, suddenly the afatech stick reads the 
> channels from Wavre, Belgium. That's over 80 kilometers away and a 
> pretty weak transmitter. The much stronger signal from Schoten (35 
> kilometers or so) is blissfully ignored. The image contains some blocks 
> but it's better than the radio I had earlier.
> Strange stuff..



A: Because it destroys the flow of the conversation
Q: Why is it bad?
A: No, it's bad.
Q: Should I top post in replies to mailing lists?

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