[linux-dvb] Re: [v4l-dvb-maintainer] DVB Maintainer

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Mon Apr 16 16:35:23 CEST 2007

On Mon, Apr 16, 2007, Manu Abraham wrote:
> Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 16, 2007, Manu Abraham wrote:
> >> Would have appreciated your stand, if you had the same stand on other
> >> threads as well. (IIRC your stand on the DVB-S2/multiproto threads were
> >> completely opposite. You wanted to hold things back)
> > 
> > That is not true. Your first proposal was crap, yet you asked
> > Mauro the merge it and even got ACKs from others. So I
> > pointed out that I thought it needs more work.
> Ok, if my first proposal was crap, it is crap still. After the driver
> was completed _most_ of the stuff had to be done according to the old
> proposal, because the delivery system does indeed need them (not just
> useless params)
> You were asleep throughout the discussion. For Marcel's request you said
> it was okay too. After that you had a dream or something like that and
> even apologized for your last minute barging in, also that you didn't
> understand about DVB-S2.
> It wasn't anyone else's fault that you NACK'd it after asking Mauro to
> pull, but yours alone. You could have done it earlier too.. or just kept
> quiet. Was a waste of time for so many people involved.

I rejected the DVB-S2 proposal when I first read about it -- which
was when you asked Mauro to merge it.

The discussions about the DVB-S2 API that followed were dragged
out over a period of serveral weeks, if not months.
And at the end of the discussions your proposal looked
totally different than your first one. And the agreement
was that you and others implement a driver and show
the API works in practice, then it can be merged.
I'm sure you will tell us when you think it's ready.

The list archives can tell the full story. Since you are
so good at finding stuff in archives I'm confident
you can find the key postings if you only want to.

> > And if there was a "please review" or "Mauro, please merge" mail
> > regarding multiproto recently, I must have missed it.
> Sorry. You said you didn't have the time after everything was done,
> inspite of many mails sent to you.
> If someone NACK's something for a reason and when those things are
> fixed, the same person could at least show a bit of courtesy by stating
> the same problems are/were fixed.

I told you many times that I'm not interested in DVB anymore, thus
I won't spend my time reviewing code or discussing architecture,
especially if it's sent to me in private. I'm really so out of
it that the details escape me anyway.

The reason why I speak up here occationally is that I do care
about Linux' as a whole. I try to help out if I think
things start to go wrong in DVB land. Too bad you see this
as a personal attack or a Markus vs. Manu thing. :-(

The merging of em28xx has in fact absolutely nothing to do
with DVB-S2. So we merge em28xx now and DVB-S2 later.
What's the problem?


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