[linux-dvb] What is Cypress cy7c68013A status please?

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Apr 17 16:27:22 CEST 2007

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> I've been following the List since Vol 25 Issue 28, in hopes of getting
> my receiver running under Linux. That covers the past 3 month. The unit
> is TBS Q-Box DVB-S, a USB receiver. Gunther requested photos and
> information, which I've now sent 3 times to http://www.bttv-gallery.de
> and to gmy at gmx.org <mailto:gmy at gmx.org> ,I now see it has entered a
> listing, but, my photos, & specs, have not been included, and the page
> is still requesting this information. To date, I've not received
> confirmation of receipt, of the information I've sent. Is it getting
> lost or ignored????
> Breaking the Q-box down, the tuner is recognized as a 0299, similar to
> Technisat's unit. The Cypress chip cy7c68013A is apparently still in
> limbo, though Marco is also seeking it for Kworld's Opera 1. There are
> several other units like Luc Small's, Hanftek UMT-010 DVB-T USB2.0, that
> appear in both DVB-S&T, USB & PCI units, that also need this chip
> solved. I have no idea of what else is needed to extract the eprom, or
> xilling chip information. Are there no self help methods available,
> other than lsusb? I don't know where the Cypress chip fits in the scheme
> of things, but, I hope it's solved soon.
> charlie

cy7c68013A   A.K.A. Cypress FX2 -- It is _very_ easy to add support for devices
using this usb controller, using the dvb-usb framework.

The FX2 is already supported in multiple drivers spread throughout the kernel.
The chip has a default configuration, which is used to download a firmware from
an eeprom -or- it can download the firmware through the kernel driver.

There are a few drivers that support devices using Cypress FX2 chips... Among
those, dvb-usb, pvrusb2, and many others.  If I recall correctly, there is a
kernel module called 'usbtest' (or something similar) that will load if the
unprogrammed fx2 usb ids are probed.  (those ids usually change after firmware

Again, you do not need a driver for cy7c68013A  -- you need to instead find the
firmware used in your device, and then write a driver to interact with that

If you google for cypress fx2, you will find much more information about this.
You can even find some userspace programs written that allow you to download
arbitrary firmware images to the fx2, and control it using various methods.

I hope this info helps you.


Michael Krufky

Michael Krufky

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