[linux-dvb] Oops with Nova-T 500 Dual Tuner

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Thu Apr 19 03:01:19 CEST 2007

Henrik Beckman wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if this is a linux only issue, or is it present in 
> windows to ?
> If it´s broken in windows to it´s probably a dead end =(
> Otherwise I think atleast one nova-t 500 owner on this list had 
> contacts with the linux-usb list, don´t know
> if it yielded anything but iirc the problem is usb related not dvb 
> driver related. Does any pursue this or did it just die at not dvb 
> related ?
Hi there,

Many people, including myself have tried to investigate the problem with 
little success.   My card is now running pretty stable ... it might 
crash once every 2-3 weeks.

I've noticed that it seemed to crash more often with bad reception (poor 
signal strength/quality).  I've improved my antenna setup, so maybe this 
is what improved things for me.

Others have said that scanning the program guide from EIT causes 
problems ... so disabling this might improve things.  I've never used 
this so can't say.

The DVB patches recently provided should stop the kernel oopsen caused 
by disconnects, but won't fix the underlying problem.   I don't know if 
anyone has any ideas about fixing the underlying problem.


> /Henrik
> On 4/18/07, *Mike H* <mike at mugwuffin.com <mailto:mike at mugwuffin.com>> 
> wrote:
>     On 4/17/2007, "Janne Grunau" <janne-dvb at grunau.be
>     <mailto:janne-dvb at grunau.be>> wrote:
>     >I can't speak for VDR but you have to restart MythTV's backend
>     daemon at
>     >the moment. But it will change in the future.
>     >
>     >Janne
>     >
>     Thanks for your replies and I will try the latest software as soon
>     as I
>     get chance to set up a dev environment.
>     I really hate to sound like a whiny ungrateful user, but how soon
>     in the
>     future is the bad behaviour likely to change? When I was sold the
>     Nova-T
>     500 I was told it was supported in the latest kernel and suitable for
>     MythTV. If that means "You can load the module but it disconnects
>     randomly and you have to restart" then the hardware isn't fit for
>     purpose and I should be able to return the card.
>     Plus, I am going away on holiday in a few weeks time and don't want to
>     miss Doctor Who ;)
>     Thanks for any help you can give!
>     Mike
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