[Bulk] Re: [linux-dvb] Re: [Proposal] Unification of the v4L & dvb wikis

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Fri Apr 20 04:46:27 CEST 2007

Hi folks,

Thanks for the further positive support. Addressing a few points:

Nick Andrew wrote:
> Regarding content, I think the page needs better support for the newbie, 

Yep, I completely agree things have to be made clearer for new users --
Marghanita's comment (as well as those from many other individuals over
recent time) definitely attest to this.
> in particular
> I was looking for the words "Getting Started" on the front page
> plus a step-by-step action list to getting it working:
>   1 - check hardware compatibility
>   2 - check software version
>   3 - install / compile / upgrade software
>   4 - start testing
> These steps could branch out depending on what the user has, e.g. if the
> device is supported in distribution kernels or if they need to compile
> from the hg repository.

I Like those suggestions Nick!

David Liontooth wrote:
> I think a closer integration of the current v4l
> mailing list and the wiki is very desirable. A lot of great technical
> and usage information flows by on the list and should be harvested
> intelligently for the wiki; if we could get a team together with this
> task in mind, that would rapidly increase the quality of the wiki.

Completely agree.

> I think it would be a mistake to set up a separate wiki mailing
> list 

Sorry, I wasn't clear about this point. What I was originally thinking
about would be a low traffic m/l dealing with governance issues -- for
example, last night I came across two Leadtek card listings in the DVB
wiki for which I am unclear whether or not they are actually addressing
the same device . I think it would be great to be able to post to a
mailing list just to tap the knowledge of others on this matter .... or
in the case of other matters to seek a second/third/fourth opinion, etc
etc. While these things could easily be posted to the current mailing
lists, I thought that some people may prefer just to keep those lists
for development and support issues. No biggie though...and now that I'm
thinking about it, I don't see why the current m/l lists can't service
such questions about wiki content or administration. Of course, if
others think a separate wiki list is more desirable, I have no objection
to that either.

> Will you also be able to help maintain and appropriately extend that
> structure for some appreciable length of time into the future -- say, a
> couple of years at a minimum?

I would like to be. But I would be most interested in assembling a team
of volunteers that can share such burdens.

> Would we be able to move the current material without losing the
> history and thus the attributions?

I know Johannes already addressed this to us David, so I'll just bring
other readers up to speed on this point: Johannes mentioned that he will
be looking into this to see if it is indeed feasible.

I'm really hoping that the medaiwiki import feature will allow us to
keep everything intact, as I would definitely like to preserve all the
history. One point in particular -- that I feel is important about
preserving the history -- is that there are some cases (I know, as I've
come across a couple) of articles that have been edited and, in the
process, have removed relevant or interesting information from the
earlier revision. I'm hesitant to lose the opportunity to restore the
earlier work.

> There are likely areas of the v4l wiki that could use pruning -- the
> wiki has been extensively used as a developing ground for the USB
> drivers, which is great, but my sense is those sections would benefit
> from pruning in light of the progress made. You could propose cleanups
> in consultation with the people involved.

Same is true of the DVB wiki. I've been slowly ploughing through stuff
(in no particular order or consistency). Though, I have to admit that
there are some areas that I look at and just shudder at the thought of
the amount of work that is going to be needed to clean things up ---
like v4l, one sore spot in the DVB wiki is USB. Oh well, one day at a
time....and I guess it is good to be realistic about things as well --
its going to take months to clean things up.

Jean Paul Gatt wrote:
> There are too many guides out there, sometimes containing contrasting
> information. I guess if the wiki
> could contain some form of generic guides and templates on how to work
> it would be helpful. 

Indeed. While we can't control what other sites throw together, we
certainly can control our content. And being the distribution source, I
really hope that we can come up with precise and concise information
that sets the standard, and secondarily establishes us as the
authoritative source.

> Also, before starting to import information as is from the two wikis
> to a new
> wiki, maybe a template on how the information is to be presented should
> be created. This way MAYBE :) a sense of continuity across the wiki can
> be applied.

I definitely would like to have a standard look and feel -- continuity
across the wiki -- but at that the moment, I think that is something
that will develop over time -- either on its own or maybe later
establishing formal article standards. I would hope for the former, and
for the time being, I favour encouraging users to the develop consistent
and "quality" articles themselves. I think one way of promoting this
sort of self regulation would be by using mediawiki templates at the top
of articles that state things like "this is a stub, please help expand"
or "this article does not comply to LinuxTV wiki standards" (even in the
face of the fact that no formal standards exist :) ! ) and so on. Sort
of nudging the content to head in the right direction, so to speak.


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