[linux-dvb] Buying new DVB-T card, choice of two. Is either better?

RoboJ1M jim.neave at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 20 14:41:08 CEST 2007


I'm about to add 2-3 tuners to my PC that's to become a MythTV backend.
My Twinhan VP3021 card has failed so I'm not getting another one of them.
(Thanks to Adam Charrett for his assistance, that damn thing is just dead,
as is the remote. POS.)

My choice is:

Compro DVB-T200
Hauppauge NOVA-T PCI

Both the same price, the DVB-T200 has more inputs and HDTV support

Any particular reasons to choose one over the other?
Does either have a better (more sensitive) tuner?

Another question:

As USB tuners are outside the case, will they perform better (higner signal
strength, lower SNR) than PCI ones?

If so, are they hard to set up? How many can you have hanging off of the
USB2 before you saturate it?

How many DVB-T tuners would saturate the PCI bus?


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