[linux-dvb] TT-3200

Andreas Marksteiner andreas at marksteiner.net
Fri Apr 20 21:31:18 CEST 2007


I recently bougth 3 pieces of TT S2-3200 and want to get them running too.

After some hours searching the web and almost every time ending up here
I would like to help get the STB0899 driver working with the TechnoTrend

I have compiled some Kernels - some lower 2.6.x Kernel has to be used to
work with the driver code from Manus branch - and played arround with
the driver a little. Following some hints in the web, that it should be
possible to at least get some life into the driver [1], what in my
understanding for now should be impossible because of the missing
implementation of the correct PCI ID for the TT S2-3200, the Driver
shouldn't care about the card at all.

As you wrote trying to add the PCI ID could be a first approach. I tried
so, but had no time so far to test/finish. My next step will be to get
this done.

I assume, that it should be possible to get the driver working. The
support for the chipset itself with all register writing "magic" was
already implemented by Manu - so i think only small adaptions of the
code will be needed (although perhaps this is completely wrong - only an
complete assumtion of mine, for no reason).

Perhaps we could get some short comment, about what would have be done
next and some hint where to start would be great. I have not overlooked
the code so far.

Greetings, Andi.

[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-dvb@linuxtv.org/msg22572.html

JPT schrieb:
> (sorry, I did not write to the list, new try)
> Hello,
> Manu said:
>> Currently the STB0899 supports the KNC1 and the Satelco cards. Some
>> additional work needs to go in to get it going on for other cards.
>> Still quite some more to be done overall.
> I wonder if we are able to do this without Manu...
> Magnus?
> Peter?
> Mauro?
> Artem?
> Deon?
> how is your knowledge of the stuff?
> about me...
> I did some hardware programming many years ago... on DOS.
> but did not yet write anything in c/cpp on linux.
> with some hints from manu, I would give it a try.
> isn't the first step just associating driver and PCI-Ids?
> Jan
> magnus at rotmark.se schrieb:
>> Hallo again,
>> any news on drivers for the TT-3200 ?
>> Best Regards
>> Magnus
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