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Santosh santozk_1010 at rediffmail.com
Sat Apr 21 08:21:17 CEST 2007

Hi manu,
              With reference to our previous mails, i have gone through the En50221 stack..There i found that ca_zap.c and gnutv.c says the same thing..Can u tell me the difference between them..
Waiting for ur anticipation,Regards,\"Santosh\"On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 23:37:13 +0400 Manu Abraham wrote Santosh wrote: > Hi, > > In the EN50221 stack there are so many API\'s for so many > resources..Can anybody tell me whether the main application will call > those API\'s.... Depends how you look at it. It depends what you are doing. A module/host can have many resources, registered by the Resource Manager (RM) residing on the host. > Explanations with examples is higly appreciated...Can anybody tell me > regarding this.. For a simple application, gnutv is the best illustration that i can point you to. Manu 
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