[linux-dvb] possible afatech af9005 bug

P. van Gaans w3ird_n3rd at gmx.net
Tue Apr 24 21:59:58 CEST 2007

Yes, I'm back with my cheapass USB DVB-T stick. I recently bought a MSI 
Mega Sky 580 (found one at the back of the shelves) because the afatech 
didn't seem to be working very well.

After some playing with the Mega Sky (it works), I plugged back in the 
Allnet all2006 aka Afatech af9005. Now comes the surprise: some pretty 
weak channels (transmitter 50km away) work pretty well, with only a few 
blocks here and there (still definitely watchable). BUT: that is with 
the channellist I made with the MSI stick. Also the Belgium channels 
(30km away) now work, and they work almost flawless! (few blocks here as 
well) and the last interesting FTA location here, Goes, 27km away, works 
too. This stick isn't that bad at all! Okay, the MSI seems to be better 
(no blocks I think instead of a few), but for the money the Afatech is 
reasonable. Earlier I just wasn't able to get any channel into my 
channellist, so I thought the tuner was extremely unsensitive and 
couldn't test any channel actually playing. But if you test the channels 
themselves instead of scanning for them, the channels themself work.

Actually getting a channellist (with Kaffeine) for these channels, is 
still impossible with the Afatech, and I think that could be a bug. See: 
on the frequencies I scan, I do get frequency lists, so the stick sees 
something. The LED also says it's locking. And if I use a frequency list 
made with another DVB-T device, these channels often work mostly fine. 
It's still not the most sensitive tuner, but now that the channels are 
actually playing prove to me that at least it works.

So the bug is: you can't scan for channels with the stick. Well, hardly 
ever. On some specific frequency I do get results with the Afatech while 
scanning, but that's just one frequency filled with mostly (worthless) 
encrypted channels. With the MSI this is no problem, and if I use the 
channellist from the MSI on the Afatech it also works as expected. Only 
scanning with the Afatech itself somehow won't work properly.

My Kaffeine version btw is 0.7.1 (will upgrade soon, Ubuntu 6.06), but I 
feel it shouldn't really matter that much, but to be complete.

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