[linux-dvb] possible afatech af9005 bug

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Apr 24 22:28:59 CEST 2007

En/na P. van Gaans ha escrit:

> So the bug is: you can't scan for channels with the stick. Well, hardly 
> ever. On some specific frequency I do get results with the Afatech while 
> scanning, but that's just one frequency filled with mostly (worthless) 
> encrypted channels. With the MSI this is no problem, and if I use the 
> channellist from the MSI on the Afatech it also works as expected. Only 
> scanning with the Afatech itself somehow won't work properly.
> My Kaffeine version btw is 0.7.1 (will upgrade soon, Ubuntu 6.06), but I 
> feel it shouldn't really matter that much, but to be complete.

Maybe (just maybe) the afatech is slower/too slow to lock on a channel 
so kaffeine will time-out? Did you try with plain old "scan" and/or 
raising the timeut (if possible)?
I don't remember how I got my channel list, but I think I primed it with 
scan then vdr did the rest.


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