[linux-dvb] Freecom DVB-T with scrambled vendor ID - possible to fix?

Philip Pemberton philpem at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 23:05:11 CEST 2007

  After a power cut this morning, my Freecom 25451-rev.3 (May 2006) DVB-T
stick failed to restart - I've since found that this is because its USB ID
has changed from 0x14aa:0x0225 to 0x1402:0x0225 - i.e. one byte of the VID
has been changed.

  Does anyone know of a tool that can edit the contents of the EEPROM on the
25451, or any of the WideView USB sticks? Freecom are no help ("take it back
to where you bought it then") and the supplier doesn't want to know either
("your warranty is with Freecom, not us" - so much for the Sale of Goods
Act), so I'm pretty much on my own...

  If I hack the Windows driver .INF files to reflect the new VID, they work
fine. The Linux drivers also work insofar as the firmware gets uploaded, but
the DVB entries in /dev never get created (I suspect this is an issue with
the way I edited the VIDs).

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