[linux-dvb] Australia and the DViCO Dual Digital 4

ras243-dvb at yahoo.com ras243-dvb at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 00:24:29 CEST 2007

Hi all,

For those interested I live in Australia (Hobart) and I've been working on
getting the driver for this card going here.  I figure the more people working
on it the more likely we are to get something going using random luck. 
Unfortunately I still can't get it to tune.  So far I've noticed that the
ZL10353 input frequency is different (registers 0x6c and 0x6d) to what the
windoze driver is sending so I've adjusted these as well as fixed a couple of
other things which probably haven't made any difference.  Most of the ZL10353
is set to auto although if I get desperate I can start setting some of the TPS
bits to appropriate values.  Essentially I don't believe the problem I'm having
is with the ZL10353.  However, can someone else in another part of Australia
please confirm that registers 0x6c and 0x6d are always set to 0x22 and 0x17
here?  (Look for a 08 0f 02 0x6[cd] XX line in the parsed usbsnoop file).

I've now started digging around with the XC3028 although I haven't really begun
to get stuck into the code.  Last night I created a new firmware file as the
one being sent from windoze doesn't match any of the other firmware I could
find.  I'm currently in the process of confirming it's correct.  I'm also
getting some GPIO calls to the card during firmware uploading and some i2c
reads/writes which I can't yet decipher.  If anyone knows what a 2 byte read
(usb:09 00 02 61) to the xc3028 returns I'd like to know.  There's a read,
followed by a write, followed by another read but the final value read isn't
what is written.  I don't yet know enough about the XC3028 i2c stuff to know
what's happening.  After this the windoze driver does a ZL10353 reset etc, etc.
 Chances are with the different input/sampling frequency set in the ZL10353 the
tuning and firmware in the XC3028 are unique to Australia. :-(

Working on it but any help appreciated...

Roger Scott.

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