[linux-dvb] KNC1 TVStation DVB-S2 Plus and Satelco EasyWatch HDTV

laasa laasa at gmx.de
Wed Apr 25 08:01:22 CEST 2007

Does anybody has run the Satelco EasyWatch HDTV?

This board seems to be the same board like the KNC1 TVStation DVB-S2 but 
with other subsystem-ID (0x001D instead of  0x0018). My problem is e.g. 
that I get no FE_LOCKwhen tuning to DVB-S. Because I have not the new 
szap I fix the delivery-system in stb0899_drv.c to DVBFE_DELSYS_DVBS (in 
function stb0899_attach). Otherwise I get messages for "Unsupported 
delivery system".

Can anybody help?

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