[linux-dvb] Australia and the DViCO Dual Digital 4

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Apr 26 03:59:15 CEST 2007

ras243-dvb at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> --- Michael Krufky <mkrufky at linuxtv.org> wrote:
>> This, however, isn't clear to me: "zl10353 demodulator is disabled (0x0c ->
>> &0x50)" ... can you show a usbsnoop log snippet of this behavior?
> I may have jumped the gun as looking through the logs again it looks likes it's
> enabled again later - I may have caught the tail end of a channel change or
> something.  I'm happy to admit I'm fumbling around in the dark.  I'm going to
> log some more usb data from windows and see if I can nail down the tuning
> further but I'm starting to clutch at straws.  On the ZL10353 I've forced the
> bandwidth, increased the capture range to its maximum (for 7MHz BW this is
> 1000kHz), forced the TPS_GIVEN registers to match a known channel and still
> can't get a lock out of anything.  There are other registers I can tweak but to
> be honest if others in Australia are getting a lock from this demodulator I'm
> more inclined to believe it's directly related to the tuner.
> Cheers,
> Roger.

I am quite sure that you are correct.  In my xc-bluebird patch, the
zl10353 is configured with the same settings that work with the xc3028
inside the em2880 driver.  the zl10353 driver itself *is* working for
other devices in Australia using tuners other than the xc3028.

All evidence points to the pact that we're missing the correct firmware
for use in AU.  If you can capture that firmware, try to get the driver
to use it, with the code as-is after applying the xc-bluebird patch.  If
it works, then you'll have some happy list readers.  Let me know how it
turns out.


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