[linux-dvb] Australia and the DViCO Dual Digital 4

ras243-dvb at yahoo.com ras243-dvb at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 10:09:56 CEST 2007

Finally some promising news for Australian Dual Digital 4 users.

Many, many hours later it turns out to be fairly simple and I don't think we
need to touch anything other than the tuner but I'm sticking with my hacked
code which spews out register values galore until it's confirmed.  It would
have been nice to get my name in the source code again but I don't think it's

Okay, I need some volunteers elsewhere in Australia to try something and I need
a place to upload a 25 byte firmware file.  Any takers?  The 25 byte firmware
file replaces the 7MHz file from the v3 firmware but only for AU users.

There are still some tuning issues.  The frequency offset in the xc3028 file
needs to be changed from 2750000 to 2250000 which will break it for the rest of
the world using 7MHz bandwidth so again only AU users please.  Also this still
doesn't quite map into the actual numbers we need to send to the tuner so
you'll find anything below 190MHz may require you to increase the frequency by
100kHz or so to lock properly.

Ideally I need 184.5MHz (channel 7) to map to 0x2D98 but instead it's 0x2D90.
212.5MHz (channel 10) goes to 0x3490 which is correct.  UHF frequencies may be
right out and may even require different firmware but I now know what to look
for so we can probably fix it.  Hobart digital TV is transmitted on channels
7,8,9A,10 and 11 so I'm somewhat limited in my sampling ability.

After having my brain in gigabytes of log files, device driver code and the
user manual for the CE6231 (similar to the ZL10353/CE6353 and VERY useful) for
the past three days I think I'll take the rest of the evening off. :)


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