[linux-dvb] feature request

tetrakida io-public at mail.ru
Fri Apr 27 19:17:40 CEST 2007


I would like to ask developers to add a little bit of more functionality
to 'diseqc' program - so that it will be possible to send any commands
to a diseqc-device, not just e0 10 38 XX 00 00. I am sure it will be
easy to modify the existing source, while 'from scratch' implementation
won't be difficult either, because DiSEqC proto itself is simple. Here
are some reference docs (likely you don't need them):


I know MANY Russian people who will be very happy to use such "new"
diseqc program, because they have to keep M$ Windows installations, just
to rotate their dishes from one satellite to another. You are capable
of stopping this insanity :)

Thank you.

Regards, io

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