[linux-dvb] DiB0700 device support

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Wed Aug 1 14:30:31 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 00:52 +0200, Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just asked Mauro to pull all my changes regarding the dib0700-based 
> device into the main repository.
> I'm quite happy with the results I already received and to reach more 
> users before the next kernel integration I think it should be merged. 

Can we be made aware of the merge, when it happens. That way I can
modify the wiki documentation on the NOVA-T-500.

What about the tuning/EEPROM patch?

I have posted twice, with no appearance in the list, a message about
remote control errors (tons of them in syslog!). I saw that you made a
commit in your tree about remote control stuff. Is that related? I'll
try a new build tonight.

> The dib0700-firmware seems to be OK - though it is still a -pre. I think 
> in 1 month there will a real release and the name will change.
> Please test the things exhaustively and report any errors (or even 
> success). I will try to process them _after_ my vacation :) (which starts 
> now).

Enjoy them!

When are you back?


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