[linux-dvb] Doubt about the file: dvb-usb-dvb.c

lwtbenben lwtbenben at 163.com
Thu Aug 2 03:39:40 CEST 2007

>a) create a newer dir with your driver: 
>	/linux/drivers/media/dvb/mydriver
>b) Under /linux/drivers/media/dvb/mydriver:
>	create a Kconfig and a Makefile 
>   You may use another Kconfig/Makefile as example (for example, pluto2)
>c) Add your driver directory at /linux/drivers/media/dvb/Makefile:
>	obj-y        := dvb-core/ frontends/ ttpci/ ttusb-dec/ ttusb-budget/ >b2c2/ bt8xx/ cinergyT2/ dvb-usb/ pluto2/ mydriver/
>d) Add a source line for your driver at /linux/drivers/media/dvb/Kconfig:
>	source "drivers/media/dvb/mydriver/Kconfig"
>After that, you will be able to use v4l-dvb makefile to compile your
>driver.  With
>	make help
>you'll see some useful syntax that may help your development.

Dear Mauro:
    I had my problem solved last week, thank you all the same for clear answer.
    And I compile my module in the 2.6.20-15 kernel. 
    Now I want to compile the module in v4l-dvb tree, I did it this way:
    I put my usb adapter program named usb-adapter.c in linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb, and I modified the Makefile and Kconfig to add my  usb adapter module;
    I put my frontend program named my-frontend.c in linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontend and I modified the Makefile and Kconfig to add my frontend module;
    But the v4l-dvb tree can't compile.
    There is some problem with the script make_myconfig.pl.
    Do you have any advice about this issue????? 

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