[linux-dvb] Help with writing a DVB driver

Thomas Gambier gambier at enst.fr
Thu Aug 2 14:32:14 CEST 2007


I'm new in the mailing list and in the DVB project, so my questions can seem
simples but I'll be glad if you can help...

I'm in an internship and I have to write a driver for a chip containing the
Philips TDA10046 chipset, the other parts of the chip are proprietary to the

A previous trainee wrote the part about the frontend and the demux and I
have to write the audio and video decoder part. I work with the linux DVB
API v3 (since the chip is using a 2.6.15 kernel). I read a lot the code in
the dvb-core directory and the code of the previous trainee and I think I've
understand how it works (at least the basic principles). And now I want to
start writing the video decoder part but I don't find any structure for the
video decoder in the dvb-core I can reuse.

I tried to search for the drivers for the full-featured DVB card but I
didn't find a structure here neither (I have to admit that I didn't
understand well how it works).

So I'm seeking help in all kind of types (references that might be useful,
some sites or some source code I should look...) about the writing of this
part of the driver. But I want to stay in the DVB API and not going to v4l
drivers or somethings... I just want to have the device
/dev/dvb/adapter0/video0 work properly.

And last question, will a software like mplayer be able to play dvb streams
just with the dvb drivers or does it need the /dev/video and the v4l drivers

Don't hesitate to ask more precisions...

Thank you in advance!!!

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