[linux-dvb] Problems with SMP (i.e. dualcore) system: dvb-ttpci: warning: timeout waiting in LoadBitmap

Sven Mueller linux-dvb at incase.de
Thu Aug 2 23:30:25 CEST 2007

Oliver Endriss wrote on 01/08/2007 00:27:
> Sven Mueller wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I don't know which hardware interrupts those are mapped from/to and
>> currently don't know how to find out.
>> If you need any further data to give a helpful answer, don't hesitate to
>> ask.
> Which firmware are you using?

Most recent AFAICT (261f).

> A log showing driver startup might be useful.

Do you mean this?

dvb-ttpci: gpioirq unknown type=0 len=0
dvb-ttpci: info @ card 1: firm f0240009, rtsl b0250018, vid 71010068,
app 8000261f
dvb-ttpci: firmware @ card 1 supports CI link layer interface
dvb-ttpci: Crystal audio DAC @ card 1 detected
dvb-ttpci: found av7110-0.

> Does OSD work fine before the error occurres?


> Does the VDR recover if you wait some time (1 or 2 minutes) before you
> press the next key?

Sometimes (if I interpret things correctly though, this is due to an
internal watchdog in VDR triggering a restart, which now, on my system,
includes module unload/reload due to my problems).

> You might also try whether this driver improves things:
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~endriss/v4l-dvb-av7110-refactoring/

Will take a look into that later once I find some time.

One think fixed the problem for me, for now though:
noapic nolapic
on the kernel commandline (grub).

However the system runs stable in every other aspect, so it seems to me
that enabling apic/lapic does something which the dvb_ttpci driver
doesn't handle properly on SMP systems.


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