[linux-dvb] frequency out of range - Problems

Lars Buerding lindvb at metatux.net
Mon Aug 6 08:39:42 CEST 2007


has anyone seen errors like this before?:

I am getting these messages using the latest available tip-version

Aug  6 07:07:17 gwmuc kernel: DVB: frontend 0 frequency 1510000 out of 
range (950000..1400000)
Aug  6 07:08:05 gwmuc kernel: DVB: frontend 0 frequency 1958000 out of 
range (950000..1400000)

Well, this means some channels are just dark.

This error did not occur for the last version of the driver I was
running for some time (dvb-pll-0549f1757f66).

My box is a Debian V3.1 running VDR V1.4.7 on this hardware:
- FF Technotrend - Card, Frontend: Philips TDA8083 DVB-S
- Hauppauge Win-TV Nova-T-USB-2 (the old Box, using DIB3000MC driver)

I am suffering from the USB-Disconnect - Problem, so I wanted to test
Jose Albertos patch he posted some days ago which made me install a
new kernel, new dvb-drivers ect.

Working version:
- Kernel V2.6.22.1 / dvb-pll-0549f1757f66

- Kernel V2.6.22.1 / v4l-dvb-5bb1af77fdc5

Here is an example from my vdr channels.conf: "hr fernsehen" and
"WDR Köln" are working, NDR and SR dont.

NDR FS MV;ARD:12110:hC34:S19.2E:27500:2401:2402=deu:2404:0:28224:1:1073:0
SR Fernsehen;ARD:12266:hC34:S19.2E:27500:1301:1302=deu:1304:0:28486:1:1093:0
WDR Köln;ARD:11837:hC34:S19.2E:27500:601:602=deu:604:0:28111:1:1101:0

Switching to "NRD FS MV":
DVB: frontend 0 frequency 1510000 out of range (950000..1400000)

Switching to "SR Fernsehen":
DVB: frontend 0 frequency 1666000 out of range (950000..1400000)

Does anyone else have the same problems? I could not find anything
related to this in the list...

I am of course willing to do any tests if you need some more info,
so if I should try a specific version of the drivers, just ask for it :)


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