[linux-dvb] New DViCO PCI-Express card.

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Mon Aug 6 16:37:10 CEST 2007

Steven Toth wrote:
> Shannon Wynter wrote:
>> G'day all.
>> What do you think my chances of getting the FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual 
>> Express working?
> Do you know which demodulators they're using? If we already have 
> demodulator drivers then getting some basic support for the board into 
> linux would only take a few days, based on the cx23885/7 tree I'm 
> working on.
>> http://www.fusionhdtv.co.kr/ENG/products/DVBTDualExpress.aspx
>> It would appear they may have left their 'usb' adoptions behind
> Hmm.
>> Main chipset: CX23885
>> Tuner: Xceive
> Probably the xc3028, for all sorts of reasons.

I think it's the xc3008.  I have this information at home, and can get back with
it shortly.

>> I noticed someone asked about existing Xceive work - I wonder how far he 
>> has gotten.
> Ignoring the tuner rework that's happening for userspace and/or 
> simple-tuner, the xc3028 DVB-T driver was known to be working months ago 
> with a USB2 based device.

If anybody's interested, I've already added support for the FusionHDTV5 Express,
using LGH064F and the cx23885 bridge.  There are a few bugs that have prevented
me from merging that patch into the public cx23885 tree, but they should be
resolved shortly.  The tuner refactoring has taken most of my attention as of
late, but that will be history soon. :-)

Michael Krufky

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