[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Fix for Air2PC HD5000

Geoffrey Hausheer inli3epy93n at phracturedblue.com
Wed Aug 8 01:25:04 CEST 2007

I have been unable to tune my HD5000 using recent kernels for quite
some time, and I finally broke down and tried to figure out what is
going on.
It turns out that ever since the lgh06xf driver was removed, my card
has been unable to tune.  However this is only true after a hard-boot.
 If I boot into an earlier driver, tune it once and get a lock, then
soft-boot unto a recent driver, it works fine.

I didn't really dig into that, but comparing dvb_pll_attach to
lgh06xf_attach I noticed the only significant difference was some
extra i2c stuff.

Specifically this:
              ret = i2c_transfer (i2c, &msg, 1);
              if (ret != 1)
                      return NULL;

Well, I checked, and, indeed, we fall through here and abort the
attach before all the callbacks are registered.  Since the lgh06xf
didn't even do this, I just ignored the return code, and voila, my
HD5000 tunes fine again.

I'm not sure the patch will work for all frontends, but someone more
knowledgable could probably figure out what needs to be done here.

This patch allows my Air2PC HD5000 to tune properly
Sign-off: Geoffrey Hausheer <inli3epy93n at phracturedblue.com>
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