[linux-dvb] WinTV Nova-T PCI 500 new issues

Chris Murton chris.linuxtv at fruble.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 13:30:42 CEST 2007

Trent Piepho wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Chris Murton wrote:
>> Trent Piepho wrote:
>>> Can you try this with the latest v4l-dvb?
>>> Load the mt2060 driver,  modprobe symbol:mt2060_attach
>>> Make sure the dvb-usb-dib0700 driver is unloaded!
>>> Load the dvb-usb-dib0700 driver
>>> Does that still give the "Unable to find symbol mt2060_attach()" error?
>>> If that works, then try this.
>>> Unload dvb_usb_dib0700
>>> Unload mt2060
>>> Make sure they are really unloaded!
>>> modprobe dvb-usb-dib0700
>>> Does that work, or is the error still present?
>> Right, very interesting. The first way works. If i'm in the OS, unload
>> the dvb_usb_dib0700 module and then load mt2060 and load dvb_usb_dib0700
>> I get :-
>> MT2060: successfully identified (IF1 = 1220)
>> but the second does not, I get the usual symbol issue with mt2060_attach().
> Hmm, for some reason symbol_request() doesn't work for you.
> If /proc/config.gz or /proc/config exist, can you tell me what the value of
> CONFIG_KMOD is?  Or if they don't, what the value of CONFIG_KMOD from your
> kernel .config file is?

And there we have it. It was unset. Set it, recompiled, and all is 
looking good now!

Thanks so much for all your help Trent :)


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