[linux-dvb] "Kernel BUG" (Hauppauge Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T)

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Wed Aug 8 18:28:34 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 17:18 +0100, tim at electronghost.co.uk wrote:
> Searching the list shows a few instances of these, but not much
> further
> discussion so I'm not sure what the status is. In case it turns out to
> be
> useful, here's a trace from my mythbackend box. This has an x86_64
> kernel.
> I *think* everythnig relevant should be in the backtrace already. 

when did you get the v4l-dvb tree?

I may be mistaken, but what makes you think this is a Nova-T-500 driver

I do run a 64 bit system and kernel too, on a Core 2 Duo, and  never
experienced such a thing.


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