[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Fix for Air2PC HD5000

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Aug 9 06:16:54 CEST 2007

Trent Piepho wrote:

>On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Michael Krufky wrote:
>>>The HD-5000 is the only flexcop card that uses dvb-pll with a pll directly
>>>attached to the I2C bus.
>>>The flexcop driver doesn't check the return value of dvb_pll_attach, so
>>>there is no error message.  It will just not work correctly.
>>Perhaps I worded my question incorrectly...  When I said, "others are
>>not", I meant other users of the HD5000.  If you look back to earlier in
>>this thread, I gave an explanation of the testing that I have done last
>>weekend.  Using 2.6.22, the initial tuning params work properly and all
>>attempts afterwards do not.
>>Regardless, things are now beginning to make sense, although I do not
>>understand why the latest HG works fine with that card for me against
>>eariler kernel revisions.  Perhaps I made a mistake in one of my tests.
>>Now I know exactly what needs testing.  How to fix this cleanly, that I
>>am still not sure of, without affecting other drivers.  Maybe we'll have
>>to hack the flexcop i2c handling to fake a good i2c reply.  I'll look
>>into it when I get back home.
>What should happen is that there aren't any errors, even when loading the
>driver or when tuner.  But the frequency won't change.  If the frequency
>was set using older drivers, there is probably nothing to reset it when
>changing drivers or rebooting.  So if you tune to a channel before testing
>after the change, and then try the same channels, it will appear to be
>working fine.  If you try to tune to a new channel, it will _appear_ to
>work, except you'll keep getting the old channel.

That is consistent with my tests thus far.  j-rod has reported 
exactly the same behavior as well.

So, the i2c handling of b2c2-flexcop needs to either be fixed or hacked 
to prevent this problem...

I think we have the same problem in 2.6.21.y -- I couldn't get it to 
work at all, there.  2.6.20 works fine.  (we absorbed lgh06xf.ko into 
dvb-pll as of 2.6.21 -- that explains it)



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