[linux-dvb] Informations/Problems about Asus P7131 Hybrid

Paolo Dell'Aquila paoloyes at tin.it
Thu Aug 9 13:50:05 CEST 2007

hermann pitton wrote:
> If I understand Paolo right, "more stable reception" means better
> reception, less ber and unc with the same signal, but nothing in
> direction of freezes. He is using firmware revision 29 like many others.
> Missing channels can also be caused by errors in the initial scan file.
> To scan with all set to AUTO, except bandwidth, usually works best with
> the tda10046a to get a working channels.conf.

Thank you Hermann for the very fast and exhaustive answer.
I cannot try your patch now, because I'm on holiday and I'm writing from 
my notebook.

I will try the patch after the 18 of August.

I'm also thinking if it's possible to take out the firmware from the 
original Asus driver.

Thank you again


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